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    Call of Duty: Vanguard shows off its Zombies

    Activision announced in August that the Zombies mode in Call of Duty: Vanguard will be developed by Treyarch, and will continue the Zombies storyline that has previously been exclusive to the Black Ops series. Now the reveal trailer is here, and as you’d expect it’s loaded with Nazis, zombies...
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    Call of Duty: Vanguard: Checking out Kill Confirmed for the First Time on Beta

    Activision-Blizzard has been running a slightly confusing series of Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer betas, the earliest of which were exclusive to Playstation, and some of which are limited to players who've already pre-ordered the game. One of the latter is running right now. But everything...
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    Looks like Warzone bans are being carried over to Call of Duty Vanguard

    Reports are emerging that cheaters banned from Call of Duty Warzone are also banned from Call of Duty Vanguard servers. Screenshots from cheating Discord servers and forums appear to show that players who received a hardware ID ban on Warzone are unable to login to Vanguard’s beta...
  4. Call of Duty Vanguard - Everything We Know

    Call of Duty Vanguard - Everything We Know

    After checking out a preview event of Call of Duty Vanguard, (releasing November 5th) we're here to bring you everything we know about Sledgehammer's upcomin...