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  1. Game Geeks News

    Boulder Dash Deluxe Smashes Its Way Onto Switch This Week

    Boulder Dash, the 1984 Atari classic that’s been ported to just about every platform under the sun over the years (as well as spawning some twenty-two sequels and redesigns, including Boulder Dash-XL 3D on the 3DS), is set to hit Switch this Friday in the form of Boulder Dash Deluxe. This...
  2. Game Geeks News

    Nintendo Switch UI Redesign Makes The Home Menu And eShop Look Like Apple’s iOS

    Since the arrival of the Switch, users have been calling for Nintendo to enhance the interface of the hybrid system. One of the top requests is the addition of folders, but apart from this, fans would also like to be able to change background colours and even replace them with wallpapers...
  3. Game Geeks News

    Improve your Grip with Fatal Grips

    Fatal Grips has been around for a few years now, catering to hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide, providing them with not only exceptional products but other benefits like various product options, premium quality products, unmatched after-sales services, and more. However, there is more to...
  4. Kotaku

    Everything Shown During Today's Nintendo Switch World Showcase

    Everything Shown During Today's Nintendo Switch World Showcase It’s time once again for Nintendo’s Indie World, a semi-regular showcase of some of the cool indie games coming to the Switch in the coming months. This latest presentation features a combination of exciting, brand-new games and old...