Destiny 2 Season 15 Champion Mods Won With Classic Bungie Reference


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Fans were quickly able to reveal Destiny 2's Season 15 Champion Mods thanks to a challenge involving a classic Bungie reference. Destiny 2, a free-to-play multiplayer first-person shooter, was developed by Bungie and released back in 2017. Since then the developer, also known for creating the original Halo trilogy, has supported the game with frequent updates and events.

As Destiny 2's Season 14 draws to a close, the game's player base is looking ahead to the changes coming in Season 15. Next season will fix the game's transmog system, a feature that was highly requested but poorly implemented at the start of Season 14. Transmogrification is a common feature in loot-based shooters such as Destiny 2, with the mechanic allowing players to combine the statistics of one weapon with the physical appearance of another. Transmog essentially allows players to continue improving their equipment without discarding a weapon design that they really enjoy. Season 14's transmog system was needlessly complex, requiring a resource that players needed to collect, and so the process will be streamlined in Season 15. Destiny 2's next season will also change the process of unlocking Ritual Weapon ornaments, which have previously been acquired through quests. In Season 15, Ritual Weapons and ornaments will instead be earned through the game's ranking system.

Bungie recently proposed a challenge to the Destiny 2 player base via the game's official Twitter account. The Twitter post challenged users to like the message 7,777 times, and in return, the developer would reveal the Champion Mods being added in Season 15. Bungie has historically used the number seven, and the number has now become something of a staple for the beloved developer. For example, Halo protagonist Master Chief's identification number is 117. The Destiny 2 Twitter post was able to earn 7,777 likes in only five minutes, and so next season's Champion Mods will be revealed at some point during this week.

Despite releasing the game back in 2017, it seems that Bungie has no intention of ending support for Destiny 2. The game's next big expansion, The Witch Queen, was intended for a 2021 release before being delayed until 2022. Bungie is set to reveal the Witch Queen expansion on August 24, although it is unclear exactly what form this showcase will take. The Witch Queen is expected to be followed up by a 2023 expansion, Lightfall, and then a final chapter which will conclude the current Destiny storyline.

Open communication with gamers has allowed Bungie to maintain a large and loyal player base for its various titles. The number seven is a great example of a simple Easter egg that makes the developer's community feel much smaller and more intimate. Destiny 2 players have now earned a sneak peek into the game's next season, and Bungie has demonstrated the size and loyalty of its fanbase.