Destiny 2 Tracing the Stars 1 quest guide – all Atlas Skew locations


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Tracing the Stars 1 quest – Atlas Skew locations​

Mara Sov can be found inside the portal in the HELM, she tasks you with finding and collecting five Atlas Skews from around the Dreaming City.

Here are all the Destiny 2 Atlas Skew locations:

  • Divalian Mists – head down the cliffside northeast of the map
  • Divalian Mists – head to the cave near the large yellow structure close to the middle of the map
  • Drowned Bay Alcove – enter the Bay of Drowned Wishes Lost Sector (this can be found by the Divalian Mists spawn location) and you’ll find the Atlas Skew at the first cave entrance
  • Spine Oracle Orrery – follow the path towards the Oracle, climb to the top of the Oracle tower
  • Distant Spine Island – head away from the Oracle tower and head east towards the islands, where you’ll find a tree

After collecting all Atlas Skews and successfully returning to Mara, you unlock the mission ‘A Hollow Coronation’ – by completing this you pick up a new Stasis hand cannon, the Vulpecula. This is not the end of the Tracing the Stars quest, as there’s plenty more to come over the next few weeks, so be sure to check back next week after the update for more.