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Clan Name

"Catchy Quote"

Clan Symbol

Upload your clan symbol insert it here

-Find a nice phrase that represents your clan and put it here
-Extra points if you translate it into latin

About Us
-Talk about your clan and how it was started
-What the players are like here


How to Apply
-PM the original poster
- Apply in game with a certain message
-State "Sent from the forums" or "Preapproved"

- Be mature in chat
- No swearing(depends on the clan)
-Donate according to the request
- Certain ratio of Donated/Received
-Number of donations in a season
-Visiting Rules
-What can elders do(Kick? can't kick?)

-Dates of Clan Pushes
-Donation Contests
-Other major events

Thanks for reading and hope to see you soon!
-"Clan Name Goes Here"

Add some color to it and Clan Banners

Hoped this helped! Just copy and paste it and fill in the information.
Please reply with any feedback/suggestions
Good Luck with your clan!

Pssst We all know how fast threads get buried in Clan Talk, do me a favor and bump it?

New Tips(Will slowly add other things here)
-Be very considerate when choosing a thread title. DO NOT put anything that could change in the title I.e. Level requirements
-Don't just say your clan name, add a tiny description or one liner behind it.
For example, Starchasers: Lost In The Night